About us

  Jiangsu Worthy Man Sports Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful city of Yangzhou. it is located at No. 258, Shuangxian North Road, Jiangdu district, where is close to Jiangdu Logistics Park, so it has the leading delivery advantage in the industry.Jiangdu District of Yangzhou City is an important birthplace of sports protective equipment in China, where many excellent designers and mature production lines gather. Worthy Man was founded on November 7, 2019, in such an ideal environment and has grown into a new leader in the sports protection industry.We have a good cooperation relationship with many well-known Chinese products such as Li Ning, NanJiRen, Renhe Pharmaceutical, etc. In terms of production, Worthy Man has an independent proofing workshop, sewing workshop, and knitting workshop. In terms of raw materials, we have a complete hot-pressing workshop, cutting workshop, raw material warehouse, and a series of independent departments from design to quality inspection to sales. So that Worthy Man has formed a very mature team.At present, the products developed by Worthy Man mainly include Waist Protector, Knee Protector, Ankle Protector, Shoulder Protector, Elbow Protector, Arm Protector, Hip Resistance Band, Corrective Belt, medical protector, etc. Meanwhile, we also provide OEM/ODM production services. At present, our developed offline markets include Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, and many other regions, and the online sales channels mainly include cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba International.In the future, we will adhere to attach importance to customer and service and production for the strict, to create an independent brand of sports protective equipment.

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